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Pollution Prevention In Clovis And Fresno

Your everyday actions can contribute to pollution prevention of water resources. Rain and excess water from home use (over watering, car washing, etc.) flow down gutters, into pipes and to stormwater basins, canals, creeks, and in some areas, to the San Joaquin River.

This water contributes to groundwater recharge and ends up as part of our drinking water supply, so it’s important to keep storm drains and stormwater clean. Pollution prevention is not just up to businesses, but individuals, too. There are over 600,000 people in the Fresno/Clovis area and we all need to do our part to help keep stormwater clean.

Protect Your Water…It’s Just Beneath Your Feet
Take a look and take a listen to the pollution prevention commercials produced for the District’s national award-winning media campaign.

Look For Storm Drain Markers

“No Dumping – Protect Our Waters” is a simple, but important message that builds public awareness that pollutants flow across our city into gutters, storm drain pipes, which lead to ponding basins. Look for markers like this on storm drain inlets, along the street. no dumping marker

Tip To Prevent Stormwater Pollution At Home

  • Never Wash Anything Into The Gutter: People often don’t realize whatever you put into the gutter can make its way to our basins and groundwater. Rinse water from painting, spraying household herbicides and pesticides, washout of pool filters, chemical and food containers, dust and debris from yard work or construction and any other activity that puts chemical residue into the gutter is not just prohibited by local law. It’s hazardous to your health!
  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Inspect and maintain your car regularly to prevent/stop leaks. Recycle used oil, antifreeze, and other fluids at an automotive center, or participate in curbside oil recycling. Used oil recycling information: City of Fresno, City of Clovis, County of Fresno or state-wide. Use absorbent kitty litter and sweep up leaks and spills. Dispose of the litter in garbage containers. Never wash spills into the gutter! Reduce automobile use by carpooling, biking, walking, or riding the bus. When it rains, air pollution turns into stormwater pollution! Info on Ridesharing.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection: Household hazardous waste is chemicals in your home, garden and garage that should not be dumped down inside drains or disposed of in the trash or dumped into the gutter. Some examples include paint, pesticides, motor oil, light bulbs, batteries, cleaning chemicals and garden chemicals. To find out how and where to dispose of household hazardous waste, go to the County of Fresno’s Household Hazardous Waste page or see the County of Fresno’s Residential Disposal Guide.
  • Paint With Care: Never wash paints or painting equipment residue into the street!
    Water-based paint, rollers, brushes, and equipment must be rinsed in a sink. Avoid oil-based paint. Disposal – Unwanted oil-based paint, varnishes, and used thinner can be taken to Fresno County’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Save and reuse thinner whenever possible. Empty and dry paint containers can be disposed of in the garbage. If you need to dispose of larger quantities of paint, visit for a list of retailers who will take care of it for you. Empty and dry paint containers can be disposed of in the garbage.
  • Be A Smart Gardener: Gardening creates stormwater pollution when rainwater carries off garden chemicals that have been applied to the garden and landscape. Buy less toxic home and garden products. Learn about less toxic products and natural control methods (Integrated Pest Management – IPM) by visiting Our Water, Our World’s web site at Buy only the amount you need. Follow product label instructions to avoid using too much. Do not apply lawn or garden chemicals when rain is forecast. Rinse lawn and garden chemical containers three times; each time, pour the rinse water into the applicator and use it in your last application of the product. Give unwanted chemicals to someone who can properly use them, or take them to a household hazardous waste collection event. Sweep sidewalks and patios, instead of hosing them down. Compost leaves and clippings, or put them in the green waste bin. Bag animal waste and put it in the garbage.
  • Conserve Water In Your Yard: When people overwater, that water is not only wasted, but carries garden chemicals and picks up street pollutants from the gutter and delivers them to stormwater inlets and our basins. Seventy percent of all water used in Fresno is used outside of the home. Half of that amount is wasted as overwatering. Over watering your landscape wastes water and can carry garden chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers off your lawn and into the storm drain system. Over watering also costs you money if you’re already on a water meter. Check your sprinklers monthly to make sure they’re on the right seasonal schedule and that the system is working well (sprays are pointed at greenery and not the driveway or sidewalk, leaks are fixed and broken sprinkler heads are replaced). Get for more information on water conservation from the City of Clovis Water Conservation and in the City of Fresno Water Management.
  • More Things You Can Do: Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Don’t litter. Volunteer to mark storm drains with “No Dumping” stencils. The District can supply everything you need.
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