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For Clovis And Fresno Teachers

Use the District’s free classroom materials to teach your students about stormwater – where it flows, how it becomes polluted, and how to prevent stormwater pollution is fundamental to understanding our local water resources. These info graphics, posters, presentations, and activity books help you meet the State of California’s Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) for:

  • Earth’s Systems (MS-ESS2-4 & MS-ESS3-1)
  • Human Impact (MS-ESS3-3 & MS-ESS3-4)
  • Engineering Design (MS-ETS1-1)

Classroom Materials

The District will deliver materials to schools in the Fresno/Clovis metropolitan area or they can be picked up at the District office. If you are outside of the Fresno/Clovis metropolitan area most of the materials are available to download.

Grade Level Classroom Tool
2nd & 3rd Clean Storm Water Activity Book, 8-page (PDF: single page layout or 2-page spread)
4th to 6th From the Mountains to the Valley – The Story of Our Water activity book, 24-page
4th to 6th Urban Water Cycle Poster, 36″x48″
4th to 8th Storm Drains 101 video, 5 minutes
6th ‘Keep Our Water Clean’ package – student infographic, teacher’s guide, poster, PowerPoint presentation
6th to 7th ‘Reduce and Recycle – Help Our Community’ package – student infographic, teacher’s guide, poster, PowerPoint presentation
7th to 8th ‘Help Conserve Our Water Supply’ package – student infographic, teacher’s guide, poster, PowerPoint presentation

Interactive Urban Water Cycle Map

A great place-based tool, the interactive map uses local landmarks, simple animation, short videos and info pop-ups to illustrate how stormwater moves through our community and why it is important to keep it clean.


The District offers hands-on, interactive presentations for classrooms and assemblies. Topics include:

Water’s Properties Wastewater The Local Watershed Water Conservation
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Drinking Water The Water Cycle

To request a presentation please contact District staff at Presentations take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will be contacted as soon as possible to confirm the date of the presentation. See details.

Accessibility Tools