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In October of 1999, the Board of Directors expanded the District’s already active role in economic development by establishing an annual Economic Development Reserve for the purpose of accelerating funding of storm drainage infrastructure to support job-creating developments in our community. This policy allows up to 50% of the District’s annual budget reserve to be allocated as an economic development reserve.

These funds may be used at the direction of the Board to support construction of Master Plan storm drainage facilities to service high priority economic development projects. Projects are considered on a first come, first served basis and each project must:

Create additional leverage toward construction of Master Plan facilities by drawing additional public or private monies;
Effect construction of critical elements of the drainage system, and;
Serve an economically targeted industry or area
In addition to capital project funding, for the past five years the District has been an active partner with the Fresno Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in its efforts to attract business and industry to the Fresno area. In October of 2004, the District was one of more than 53 local agencies and organizations to sign the Fresno EDC’s Strategic Alliance Agreement, a collaboration pact to maximize limited resources for economic development.

Economic Development Services Provided by the District

  • Advanced planning of urban infrastructure
  • Construction of storm drainage facilities
  • Protection of agricultural resources from flooding
  • Timely provision of needed services through equitable financing of public projects
  • Augmentation of public open space and recreational resources through joint use of District facilities
  • Conservation of groundwater and environmental resources
  • Coordination with local businesses and resource agencies to implement a comprehensive clean stormwater program
  • Providing information to industrial and commercial representatives for the purpose of recruiting new business
  • Allocating an annual budget reserve to be used for high priority economic development projects
  • Participation as a partner and providing financial support of the Economic Development Corporation
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