In December 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board awarded an $8.4 million infrastructure grant to the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District and the Fresno Irrigation District. The grant provides 70% project funding for a series of five multi-benefit stormwater projects spread out across south Fresno. Read the joint news release.

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Gould to Fancher Pipeline

Construction of just over a half-mile of 72″ diameter concrete pipeline connecting the Fresno Irrigation District’s Gould Canal to the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District’s Fancher Creek Detention Basin. Trenching took place down the center of McCall Avenue, north of McKinley to the Gould Canal. The completed project will allow routing of stormwater out of Gould Canal to increase canal capacity, which then allows pumping of downstream basins into Gould Canal during major storms. The new pipeline will allow water to be diverted to Fancher Creek Detention Basin for groundwater recharge, rather than routed out of the local region.

Fancher Creek Detention Basin

Construction of two 14’x21’x16’ subterranean concrete intake structures has been completed at the District’s 271-acre Fancher Creek Detention Basin, at McKinley and McCall in Fresno. The structures are located on either side of the Fresno Irrigation District’s channel that runs east and west across the site, and each intake structure will house three, 15,000 gallon-per-minute capacity pumps. The District awaits arrival of a few critical parts necessary for pump installation. The completed work will add to the capability of Fancher Creek Detention Basin to function as a flood control facility, and give it new large-scale usefulness in performing groundwater recharge.

Central Basin

Three new Fresno Irrigation District (FID) groundwater recharge basins were constructed as part of the SWGP Prop 1 project: a 40-acre site at East and Malaga Avenues, a 14-acre site at Orange and Lincoln Avenues, and a 36-acre site at Central and Hughes Avenues. Once completed they will be able to receive, hold, and recharge water for groundwater recharge. The combined 90 acres of new recharge basins will have the capacity to recharge roughly 2,200 acre-feet annually. Excavation of the 40-acre and 14-acre sites was done in cooperation with the California High Speed Rail (HSR) Authority, adding another layer of interagency collaboration to this already-collaborative project. Fill material needed for HSR projects was pulled from the basin sites, further reducing local cost share. Visit FID’s website for more information and project photos.

Basin “BK” and Basin “DV”

These two urban stormwater basins will be connected by pipelines to adjacent FID canals to allow them to receive and retain stormwater for flood protection and groundwater recharge. Pump stations will be constructed to allow movement of water into and out of the basins as conditions require. They have a combined area of 21 acres, stormwater capacity of 305 acre-feet, and annual estimated groundwater recharge capability of 450 acre-feet. Construction is expected to begin in fiscal year 2022/2023.