Keep Our Water Clean classroom suite. 6th Grade; Next Generation Science Standards met: MS-ESS3-3, ETS1-1, ESS2-4


‘Keep Our Water Clean’ Classroom Suite

Water is a precious resource, limited by how much it rains and snows each year. As rains washes our neighborhoods clean, it also rinses street pollutants like motor oil and lawn chemicals down into the storm drains, which empty into ponding basins. This suite of classroom materials was created to meet the State of California’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), in close collaboration with the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. Sixth grade NGSS standards met:

  • MS-ESS3-3
  • ETS1-1
  • ESS2-4

Pieces to choose from:

  • Infographic Worksheet – Covers how to keep our water clean by stopping stormwater pollution before it starts – disposal of automotive fluids and prevention of leaks, and spill clean up. Teacher version, Student version (English Worksheet and Spanish Worksheet). Available printed or PDF download; 8 1/2″ x 14″ double sided.
  • Poster – Reinforces points taught by the infographic worksheet.  English Poster and Spanish Poster; available printed or PDF download; 24″x36″.
  • PowerPoint Presentation – Reinforces points taught by the infographic worksheet and poster.  PDF download.

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Teacher Guide (Printed), Teacher Guide (Downloadable), Student Worksheet (English) (Printed), Student Worksheet (English) (Downloadable), Student Worksheet (Spanish) (Printed), Student Worksheet (Spanish) (Downloadable), Poster (English) (Printed), Poster (English) (Downloadable), Poster (Spanish) (Printed), Poster (Spanish) (Downloadable), Powerpoint Presentation