On April 12, 2022, the Pacific Institute released its new report titled, ‘The Untapped Potential of California’s Urban Water Supply: Water Efficiency, Water Reuse, and Stormwater Capture‘, and hosted a recorded webinar that was attended by people from around the world. The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District was one of the public agencies featured in the webinar, and described as leading the way in implementing innovative urban water solutions with success (view infographic).

As explained by the Pacific Institute, “Persistent challenges and severe drought have shone a spotlight on the vulnerability of California’s water systems. They also offer an opportunity to rethink the state’s water supplies and strategies for the 21st century and beyond. 

“While California has made strides in implementing water efficiency, water reuse, and stormwater capture strategies, this study quantifies the opportunity to greatly expand these efforts. It finds that California could reduce urban water use by 30%-48% through investments in water efficiency measures. It also highlights the potential to boost local water supplies across sectors and regions by more than doubling municipal water reuse and significantly increasing stormwater capture across the state. While the findings are specific to California, they can inform water resilience strategies across the United States and beyond.”

Read the report’s Executive Summary.

Founded in 1987, The Pacific Institute is a global water think tank that combines science-based thought leadership with active outreach to influence local, national, and international efforts to develop sustainable water policies.

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