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Q: How far in advance can I make a reservation?
A: You can make a reservation up to 6 months in advance.

Q: I want to make a reservation, but I don’t have a computer or email address.
A: In order to process a reservation, an email address is required whether you make a reservation online, or in the District office. We recommend going to your local library where you will have public access to a computer and can create an email address to make an online reservation.

Q. What if it is raining on the day of my park reservation, will I receive a refund?
A: Under no circumstances will the District refund a park reservation due to weather conditions or any other circumstances that may delay or cancel a park reservation that is out of the District’s control.

Q: What if I arrive at the park and the gates are locked and there is no park attendant on-site.
A: The City of Fresno is responsible for opening the gates to the park. If there is no one on site, you can call (559) 456-3292, press 1 and leave a name, phone number and the nature of your call.

Q: What if I arrive at the park and the gates to the lower portion of the park’s basin is locked.
A: The District Park Ordinance 2016-1 states: “All District facilities which have been developed into open space park facilities shall be open to the public at all times except during periods of construction, maintenance and normal rainfall months from October 31 to April 1 of each year, and as may be necessary to protect public health and safety.

Q: How many people do the pavilions seat?
A: The Arts and Crafts pavilion seats 35; the Picnic, Playground and Water Tower pavilions seat 65.

Q: Can I have a piñata or bounce house at the park?
A: Due to liability issues and the safety of our guests, we do not allow piñatas or bounce houses.

Q: Can I bring my own portable Barbeque?
A: Personal barbeques are not allowed.

Q: What if the group occupying the pavilion is not using the BBQ? Can I use it to BBQ?
A: The use of the BBQ’s are only for the party occupying the pavilion.

Q: The pavilions were not available for the date I wanted, can I bring my own tables, chairs and a tent?
A: Please contact the District Park Reservations department.

Q: Do the pavilions have power outlets available to the public?
A: The power will only be turned on for paid reservations, and only if a Park Attendant is on site. In addition, if the power is requested for items the District does not allow, the Park Attendant has the right to refuse the request.

Q: Is the power in the pavilions always on and can I leave it on all day?
A: You must notify the park attendant upon your arrival. The power is turned on at the time your event starts and end.

Q: Do the restrooms remain open daily?
A: The restrooms at Trolley Creek Park open daily at 9am and close at 5:30pm. At Oso de Oro, the restrooms are opened at dawn and closed at dusk by the City of Fresno.

Q: What payment methods are accepted for a park reservation?
A: Credit Card, Cash or Check (second and third party checks are not accepted)

Q: Can I make a reservation under my name and use another individual’s credit card to pay for the reservation.
A: If the reservation is made in the District office it is required the name on the reservation match the name on the credit card or check and they must have a picture ID.

Q: What if I make a reservation on-line under my name, but use another person’s credit card to pay for the reservation. Who will get the refund?
A: A District check will be refunded back to the person whose name is listed on the credit card.

Q: Why do I have to pay a fee when I pay with a credit card?
A: The credit card company charges a fee for the convenience of using a credit card.

Q: When can I expect to get my refund once a reservation is cancelled?
A: When the cancellation is received with the required information, the District has up to 30 days to process the refund.

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