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On December 1, the California State Water Resources Control Board announced its funding decisions for Round 1 of the Prop 1 Stormwater Grant Program.  The District and its co-applicant, Fresno Irrigation District, have been awarded $8.4M, or 70% project funding for a $12M infrastructure project.  The project will allow for increased stormwater capture and retention for groundwater recharge, and will also improve routing and storage of flood waters.

The District serves as lead applicant, Fresno Irrigation District as co-applicant, and the City of Fresno is providing a portion of local cost share to help fund construction of two new submersible pumps at Fancher Creek Detention Basin.

12/20/16 News release

12/14/16 Staff report to District Board

12/1/16 SWRCB announcement

12/2/16 Fresno Bee newspaper story