Rural System

The District’s flood control program consists of a rural system of facilities and operations which control the flows from several low-elevation streams that drain a part of the west slope of the Sierra Nevada between the San Joaquin and Kings rivers. These streams are collectively referred to as the Fresno County Stream Group.

The system is currently composed of nine major flood control facilities and many related streams and channels. The District is the local sponsor of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) Redbank-Fancher Creeks Flood Control Project (click here to see annual public notice), which consists of five of the system’s major facilities. Through its contract with the federal government, the District is responsible for construction cost sharing, land acquisition, operation, and maintenance of the Redbank-Fancher Creeks project. The District is also responsible for construction, operation, and maintenance of additional, non-federal flood control facilities required to control the stream group, and for flood plain management.

Between the easterly boundary of the planned urban storm water drainage system and the District’s eastern boundary, there are approximately 175 miles of streams and channels, many of which are severely obstructed. The District operates the rural streams program to preserve, restore, and maintain these channels, and to complete any additional facilities necessary to safely convey storm flows through the rural area and the downstream urban area.


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