The best way to prevent stormwater pollution by trash and litter is to properly dispose of it. In Fresno County, there are specific guidelines for recycling and trash disposal your area so that you can be sure you’re disposing of the right items in the right containers.

Stormwater runoff from our streets and highways ends up in our stormwater basins. You can make a big difference with small changes, including keeping our roads cleaner. For example, regularly maintaining your vehicle and properly disposing of trash when you’re on the road are two simple solutions. Visit Protect Every Drop from Cal Trans for more details about how you can help.

If you want to take action today to help keep our area free of trash and litter, join a volunteer park clean-up day—and encourage others to properly dispose of trash, too!

Trash Disposal



Many people don’t realize how much fertilizer and pesticides can contribute to stormwater pollution. One of the primary causes of this pollution is overwatering, because toxic fertilizer and pesticides can be carried with the excess runoff into our storm drains.

It’s important for you or your landscaper to check the labels and find less-toxic products to use in your yard—they are just as effective, without the negative consequences. Our Water, Our World offers valuable information about how to manage home and garden pests while still protecting our water.

You can be a water-wise gardener without much effort on your part. For example, sweep sidewalks and patios instead of hosing them down. Check the forecast before you apply chemicals to your yard, because if it’s going to rain, they will likely just be washed away. Click here to find other tips about being a smart gardener.

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