Parks Rules

  • No dumping or littering; Properly dispose of trash into containers
  • No portable BBQ’s, loud music, camping or overnight parking
  • No soliciting or peddling
  • No use of the park for personal financial gain
  • Pets must be on a leash and under the control of the handler
  • Feeding the ducks, geese, or wildlife is not allowed
  • Profane or indecent language prohibited
  • Be courteous and respectful of others
  • No skating, skateboarding, scooters, bicycle riding, hoverboard or segway
  • No operating or driving of powered or electric vehicles
  • No golfing, archery, flying of motor driven or remote controlled model aircrafts or drones
  • No bounce houses, pinatas, petting zoos, ponies or water balloons
  • No possession or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or smoking
  • No possession or use of firearms, air guns, slingshots, paintball guns or fireworks

Exception: Wheelchairs or other power-driven mobility devices used by persons with mobility disabilities consistent with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

For your safety and welfare, all penal, vehicle, county and municipal codes are strictly enforced in this park. Permission to use this park is revoked if any of the rules listed above are broken. Violations of these rules will be prosecuted pursuant to the following code(s) and/or ordinance:

  • California Penal Code Section 602J
  • County of Fresno Ordinance, Chapter 9.04
  • City of Fresno Municipal Code, Article 5, Sections 5-501, 5-502, 5-503, 5-505, 5-506, 5-507, 5-508
  • City of Clovis Ordinance, Chapters 6.1, 6.3 and 10
  • FMFCD Ordinance, Chapter 5-2016-1