Oso de Oro Park

On-line ONLY park reservations for the pavilions at Trolley Creek Park and Oso de Oro Park are now available. Park reservations for the pavilions are no longer being accepted at the District office until further notice.

Oso de Oro Lake Park                                                                          Trolley Creek Park

Arts and Crafts Pavilion – seats 35                                                      Playground Pavilion & Water Tower Pavilion–seats 65

$30 for a half day / $60 for a full day                                                    $40 for a half day / $80 for a full day

Picnic Pavilion – seats 65

$40 for a half day / $80 for a full day

  • The forms of payment accepted are credit card and PayPal. (Credit cards are subject to 3.49% + an additional flat fee, charged by the credit card company).
  • Cancellation of a park reservation by phone or leaving a voice message is not accepted. In order to receive a refund, reservation cancellations must be made by the individual who made the original reservation at least two weeks prior to the reservation date by submitting the cancellation in the form of a written request to include the following:
  1. Full Name on the Reservation
  2. Email address, and Valid Phone Number and Address
  3. Name of Park and Pavilion
  4. Date of the Reservation and Time

Addressed to:               FMFCD Park Reservations, 5469 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93727

FAX:   (559) 456-3194   /   Email Address: parkreservations@fresnofloodcontrol.org

  • A cancellation received two weeks prior to the reservation date is subject to a refund, less a convenience fee charged by the credit card company, if paid by credit card.
  • Cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the reservation date are subject to a refund, less a $15.00 processing fee.
  • Refunds are made to the person who paid the fee.
  • Under no circumstances will a park reservation fee be refunded due to weather conditions or events out of the District’s control; such as opening the park, which is the City of Fresno’s responsibility.


  • Upon arrival, Permittees must check in with the Park Attendant on duty. The Permittees must have and show the Park Attendant their Park Permit on the day of the reservation.
  • Permittees must honor their reservations by restricting their use to the designated times and specific areas reserved for their group.
  • The Permittee is a responsible party and acknowledges that petting zoos, alcohol, smoking, piñatas, bounce houses, ponies, musical instruments, portable barbecues, skateboards/bikes/scooters and feeding the ducks are not allowed.
  • To maintain the quality family atmosphere of the park, all Permittees and park visitors are asked to be considerate of those around them. Music and amplification equipment must be kept at a sound level that will not disturb others using the facility or persons in the neighborhood.
  • Permittees, as well as visitors, must preserve the quality of the park by cleaning up any trash, food, party decorations, etc., left by their party.
  • A reservation may be revoked and future requests for reservations to use the pavilions may be denied for a violation of any of the above.
  • The District reserves the right to cancel or adjust a reservation due to weather, construction, operations, maintenance, misconduct or other program needs of the park. Should it become necessary to cancel your reservation, you will be notified immediately.
  • For large events or questions regarding your reservation, please contact the District office at (559) 456-3292.

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Oso De Oro Park Logo

5550 N. Forkner, south of Bullard in Fresno

Since opening in June 1995, Sloan Johnson Oso de Oro Lake Park has been the recipient of National and State awards for innovation and design excellence. It was also the model for the District’s Trolley Creek Park in southeast Fresno.

This nine-acre site combines its primary function of storm water retention with secondary functions of groundwater recharge and recreation. Nearly all construction costs were provided by private donations.

Park features include:

  • Two picnic pavilions, each with barbeques
  • Two main play structures
  • Unique play-safe matting around play structures
  • Raised sand play area
  • Raised grass area
  • Antique riverboat and mining town
  • Old fort and tunnel
  • Railroad trestle and mural walls
  • Interpretive maze for visually impaired visitors
  • Wheelchair basketball court
  • Open green space
  • Lake and docks