basin aerial

This video was recently released by the Kings River Water Association, a longtime community partner of FMFCD’s. It talks about local water supply and the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), which has been an all-consuming issue across California since its passage in 2014.

Like many, many other agencies and organizations in our area, FMFCD has been heavily involved in work to ensure our area’s groundwater supply is in balance with demand by the State’s 2040 deadline. It is part of the North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency, which is one of seven brand new entities formed in the Kings Subbasin as a requirement of SGMA. KRWA is heavily involved with a lot of what happens in the Kings Subbasin. Their newly released 9-minute video is a great information piece, and tells a great story. Our own General Manager Alan Hofmann is part of telling the story, and comes onscreen at 0:06:25.