Each year District staff conducts a drainage fees study of what it costs to build pipelines and excavate stormwater basins that provide urban storm drainage to new construction, including homes and commercial facilities. The purpose of the study is to ensure the cost to construct the urban storm drainage system is fully paid through land development fees. The fees cover the costs of facility construction and acquisition.

Drainage Fee Schedules posted are valid through February of the year following adoption of the schedules.  All final fees will be determined by FMFCD prior to issuance of building permits or approval of maps, whichever applies.

The District’s service area is divided into 158 local drainage areas, which generally vary in size from one to two square miles. Local drainage plans consisting of collection systems and storm water management basins are designed based upon topography, planned land uses and local hydrological conditions. The basins and the pipelines leading to them remove stormwater from streets and store it to prevent flooding in urban areas.

Drainage fees are required of new development to pay for basins and pipeline needed to serve the areas being developed, for example new housing tracts and shopping centers. Each of the 158 drainage areas utilize the drainage fee revenue from the local drainage area for the purchase of land and construction of storm water basins, pipelines, inlets, and pump stations. Drainage fees are updated annually to keep pace with changes in the costs of construction and land acquisition.