Clean Storm Water is Important to All of Us

As storm water flows through yards, gutters and streets it picks up oil, sediments, litter, garden chemicals and other materials. Urban storm water runoff flows through storm drains to ponding basins, canals, creeks, and the San Joaquin River. All of these replenish groundwater – our drinking water supply. That’s why CLEAN STORM WATER is important to you!

Many ways to help prevent storm water pollution

Community Services

  • Grants – Information and downloadable applications for grants from the District for community storm water education and improvement projects. Classroom field trips to the San Joaquin River are also available.
  • Presentations to trade, business, service, and civic organizations. E-mail your request to
  • Illegal Dumping Reports – what, when, and how to report incidents of people using the ground, gutters, streets, and storm drains to dispose of liquid or solid wastes.

Business Assistance

  • Training materials for reducing stormwater pollution
  • Compliance assistance for state and federal permit requirements for construction projects and industrial facilities
  • Downloadable Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan models
  • Recognition program for business’s pollution prevention practices

School Programs

  • Activity books for upper and lower elementary school grades. Order your class sets here.
  • Video – 5-minute water resources pollution prevention video, available for download or on DVD (upon request).
  • Presentations – District staff presentations for classrooms or assemblies. E-mail your request to


What do people know about the Fresno/Clovis area urban storm drainage system? What do people think the connection is between their daily actions and local water quality? Find out by looking at the results of the last three public awareness surveys conducted by the District: 200120052009, and the 2013 survey and focus group report.

Report Illegal Dumping In Your Area

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