Fresno Bee Newspaper special anniversary inserts:

Special photo and news story gallery – items from 1925 to 1969

‘It’s Up To You’ – 1960’s informational film on the then-brand new Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District

Fresno Bee and Clovis Independent news stories on the big storms of late 1990’s:

Here is a selection of Fresno Bee news stories from January of 1997 that covered the devastating, statewide impact of the series of severe storms that hit California in late December, 1996 and early January, 1997.

Pineapple Express storms of the winter of 1996/1997

110,000 evacuate in West
At least 8 trapped horses saved from rising San Joaquin
Deadly floods threaten more damage in Valley
Lapping it up
Mobile home residents flee rising waters
Sierra spilled payload early
Valley farmers benefit from timing of rain
Valley residents marvel at effects of raging river
Wild river makes a run for history
Wipe out
Low point of Freeway 99 flooded
Mobile home residents return, relieved
Ravaged north state if given respite
Record floods break levees
San Joaquin flood areas
Water spills into Madera County; Firebaugh, Mendota spared
The flood's lessons
Financial assistance plans available for flood victims

Floodwater transfer

Levees on Madera side still broken, vulnerable

No quick fixes to flood damage

Anatomy of the San Joaquin River flood

San Joaquin Valley, Yosemite tally up preliminary flood toll

Week recalled when water ruled

Valley rain watchers cautiously optimistic

Floods warning

Nature's little lecture

Flood District's good work
Officials urge improvements in mapping of State's vast floodplains

Pounding not over for Valley
Soggy Valley can breathe easier

State faces big bills, repairs in wake of flooding

El Niño storms of the winter of 1997/1998

Below is a selection of Fresno Bee and Clovis Independent news stories from January and February, 1998, that cover the last big El Niño weather pattern, during the winter of 1997/1998, and its effects on Fresno, the Central San Joaquin Valley, and California.
Agencies prepared for worst
Reports show storm put in full day's work
Residents scramble to deal with effects of wind and flooding
Wind huffs and puffs in Valley
Mendota feels rush of creek's waters
Selma residents shaken, autos damaged by tree
Storm's punch bruises Valley
Don't put away the umbrellas yet
Maderans link flooding to clogged canals
Storms expected to pack a wallop
More storms for the weekend
Finding a flood solution

Other interesting archive resources:

U.S. Geological Survey’s report ‘Floods in Northern California, January, 1997

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center report The El Nino winter of ’97’-98