Stormwater graphic 2012Groundwater recharge occurs naturally as water percolates from the surface through the soil and intothe underground aquifer.

Planned groundwater recharge also occurs through the teamwork of the cities of Fresno and Clovis, the Fresno Irrigation District (FID), and the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District. During summer months, portions of the cities’ water entitlements from the San Joaquin and Kings rivers are transported by FID canals to selected District basin sites for percolation to the aquifer.

The Fresno-Clovis area’s urban storm drainage system controls stormwater runoff to prevent flooding, as shown below. A secondary and very important function is replenishment of the groundwater aquifer, which is our primary source of drinking water. Several basin sites are also used as recreational areas.

An annual average of 30,000 acre-feet of water is restored to our area’s aquifer each year through this interagency cooperation. Even more is recharged by the cities and FID through other programs. An acre-foot of water is over 325,000 gallons and is enough to cover a football field with one foot of water and is estimated, depending on usage, to be enough to supply a family of four with all of the water they need, inside and outside of the house, for a year.