Groundwater overdraft

Most of the water supply for the people of Fresno and Clovis comes from the groundwater aquifer. Decades of reliance on groundwater has created a condition of groundwater overdraft. We have historically taken out more water than we have put back.

Replenishment through recharge

Stormwater graphic 2012Our area’s groundwater overdraft would be much more dire, if not for the decades of interagency collaboration to constantly put water back in the ground. In our area, groundwater recharge is the replenishment of groundwater supplies using surface water from rain and rivers.

Rain that falls on the Fresno/Clovis area is moved through a network of pipelines to the 153 District stormwater basins scattered throughout the urban area, where it slowly percolates through the soil to the groundwater aquifer.

Kings and San Joaquin River water entitlements of the Cities of Clovis and Fresno, and Bakman Water Company are moved through Fresno Irrigation District canals to nearly 90 stormwater basins, for the purpose of groundwater recharge. For information on what the City of Fresno is doing, visit

State legislation to fix groundwater overdraft – SGMA

Groundwater overdraft is a serious issue in many California regions. The State’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA) requires local governments to form regional Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSA) to write and implement plans to get their hydrologic basins and sub-basins out of groundwater overdraft, and into balance between the amount of groundwater pumped out and the amount returned through groundwater recharge.

The District lands lie within the newly formed North Kings GSA, and the District is an active participant in its regional planning and outreach to help reverse our area’s groundwater overdraft. Visit to learn about groundwater conditions in our area, which is identified by the State as the Kings Sub-Basin. The public is encouraged to ask questions and get involved through regular public meetings.  North Kings GSA is also on Facebook.