Reduce & Recycle Infographic. 6th & 7th Grade. Student version.
NGSS for 6th & 7th grade: MS-ESS3-3, ETS1-1



Many people don’t know that litter and pollution from our freeways and roads can wind up in the storm drains around town. Litter causes big problems when it flows down the gutter! While storm drains are meant to carry rain water, any litter that ends up in them can flow right into stormwater basins, canals, and rivers. It can also hurt the wildlife living in and around the water, so be sure to pick up litter and dispose of it properly. Help keep our water clean and our environment safe.

This infographic is designed for 6th to 7th grade students. It discusses litter, trash, landfills, recycling and reuse. It’s printed on 8 1/2″ x 14″ paper in color and double sided.

NGSS for 6th & 7th grade: MS-ESS3-3, ETS1-1

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