north kings groundwater logo

The North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA), a multi-agency effort formed to comply with passage of the California Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, has launched a website to provide information about meetings, notices, events and groundwater information resources, and to allow stakeholders to sign up and receive email updates on agency activities.

Core functions of the website:

  • Provide the public, landowners and other interested parties with current information on the progress and decision-making structure of the North Kings GSA
  • Serve as a key gateway for stakeholders to learn how to participate in the agency’s development of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan as required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

The District is an active participant in planning and outreach efforts to help bring our area’s overdrafted groundwater basin into balance between the amount of groundwater pumped out, and the amount replaced.

More info on the District’s groundwater recharge work and local partnerships can be found on the Groundwater Recharge page.