Map-Master Planned Urban Storm Drainage System_20141031The District’s local urban system for storm water drainage consists of storm drains, detention and retention basins, and pump stations. The system is designed to retain and infiltrate as much stormwater and urban runoff as possible. The District’s Storm Drainage and Flood Control Master Plan includes 158 drainage areas, each providing service to approximately one to two square miles. All but five of the developed drainage areas are served by a retention or detention facility.

Stormwater flows into storm drain inlets, and through a network of pipes to a nearby ponding basin. Here the water is stored to protect neighborhoods from flooding and to replenish the groundwater aquifer, which is the primary source of our community’s drinking water.

Local drainage services include topographic mapping, Master Plan engineering and facility design; system construction, operation, and maintenance; and engineering design services to ensure adequate drainage for new development.

Rain Season Sand Bag Information

During the rain/flood season, the following road yards will remain open 24 hours a day. Empty bags are provided free of charge to County residents of unincorporated areas. You must bring your own shovel in order to shovel sand into bags yourself. For more information, please call the County of Fresno, Public Works & Planning Department, Road Maintenance Division.

City of Fresno does not provide sand bags.

Residents must bring their own shovel and fill and load bags into their vehicle.  10 bags per residence.