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Middle School

The District offers many different water quality education resources to area schools. These include:
  • In-class resources such as videos, maps and curricula
  • Classroom and assembly presentations
  • Clean Storm Water mini grants

The District has created an age appropriate Power Point presentation for middle school students. The presentation focuses on our watershed, local water resources and storm water pollution prevention. The education program is a component of the District’s Public Involvement and Education (PIE) program. The goal of the PIE program is to reduce storm water pollution, educate students about their environment, resource conservation, and to instill a sense of environmental stewardship.

Storm Drains 101 Video

This fun five-minute educational video is made for junior high and high school students, and is available in VHS and DVD formats. Your students will learn the basics of our area's urban drainage system and why keeping storm water runoff clean is important to us all. Use 'Contact Us' to request a copy for your class, or call us at 456-3292. Click here to watch Storm Drains 101.

Learning Activities

Handout and transparency masters are included with these three classroom and take-home activities. The items below are available for download:

Table of Contents & Introduction (3 pages)

Background Information – (10 pages)

Used for teaching about local water resources and storm water pollution and prevention is also included. Background information includes discussions and classroom illustrations about:

  • Watersheds
  • Local Water Resources
  • The Storm Drain System
  • Storm Water Pollutants, Sources, and Environmental Impacts
  • A Local Aquatic Ecosystem and Food Chain
Activity 1: What is Storm Water and Where Does it Go?
Graphic transparencies, photographs, and illustrations are used to teach students that storm water flows through streets and storm drain pipelines to ponding basins, canals, creeks, and the San Joaquin River – all of which replenish groundwater, our drinking water supply. Students explore their school site to map the flow of storm water from roofs and pavement, to streets and storm drains.
Activity 2: What Pollutes Storm Water and What Can I Do to Prevent It?
Students learn about the substances – such as vehicle fluids, paints, and wastes – which can pollute storm water if leaked or improperly disposed. Their homework is to identify materials in their homes which can be found in storm water.
Activity 3: How is the Environment Affected by Storm Water Pollution?
Students learn about an aquatic food chain typical of the San Joaquin River, and play a game to learn about the potential effects of storm water-borne pollutants on the populations of animals within that food chain.

Learning Activity Support Materials – a glossary, maps, resource bibliography and other useful information.

Links to other Educational Resources: