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Elementary Schools

The District offers many different water quality education resources to area schools. These include:
  • In-class resources such as activity books, a clean stormwater DVD, and maps
  • Classroom and assembly presentations
  • Clean Stormwater mini grants

The District has created age appropriate materials, which complement a staff-lead presentation. The presentation focuses on our watershed, local water resource and pollution prevention. The information presented corresponds to the Science Framework for California Public Schools for Earth Science Standards 3.a, 3.b., 3.c., 3.d., 3.e., 5.a., & 5.b., Physical Science 1.a., 1.b. & 1.g. and Life Science 2.e., 2.f. & 2.g.

Available for download:

5th grade classroom materials package

From the mountains to the valleyThe District is pleased to offer a set of classroom tools for 5th grade that align with the State of California's Earth Sciences standards. Class sets of water resources activity booklets, water cycle posters, pencils and a 5-minute DVD are available upon request.

The 24-page activity booklet and 48"x36"poster were developed with the expertise of local teachers and use local water resources and landmarks to explain how our community's water works and how to keep it clean. ContacWater Cycle Postert us to let us know many activitybooklets, posters, pencils and DVDs you and your fellow teachers need.

**Materials delivery offered to schools in the Fresno/Clovis metropolitan area.**

Please help us make the "From the Mountains to the Valley" water resources activity booklet as useful in the classroom as it can be! Give your opinion by filling out and e-mailing the brief evaluation form.

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