The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District provides Clean Storm Water Grants to help fund environmental education and improvement projects related to stormwater quality.

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District has released the 2018 application for its annual Clean Stormwater Grant Program. Funding is provided to projects that increase public involvement in environmental education and improvement to improve stormwater quality.  Successful applicants can receive up to $4,000.  The total funding available is $15,000. News release

The deadline to apply is November 17, 2017, with an anticipated award date in December, 2017.  Call Joseph Draper at (559) 456-3292 for more detailed information, or for a hard copy application packet.

Projects must provide a direct benefit or service to the residents of the District. The District’s service boundaries encompass the Fresno-Clovis metropolitan area, Easton, and extends to the northeastern foothills. To find out if your school or organization is within the boundaries of the District open the District boundary map.

The Clean Stormwater Grant applications are released by the District’s Board of Directors in September. The applications are due in November and the grants are awarded in December. To be notified when the grants are released click “Join the Mailing List” below or like our Facebook page.

$2,000 Grants

The District offers grants to fund projects that increase public involvement in environmental education activities to promote stormwater quality. Eligible uses of grant funds include but are not limited to: purchase of materials, supplies and nursery stock; equipment rental; printing and postage of publicity and promotional materials; refreshments and other incentives for volunteers; bus transportation for school field trips; honoraria for workshops, stipends for planning and development, conferences and in-services.

2018 Clean Stormwater Grant docs:

Field Trip Grants

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District is offering grants to 5th grade classes for field trips to Scout Island at the San Joaquin River. The field trip will be focused on learning about our local water resources and the importance of keeping them clean. The grant funds transportation and the Scout Island facility docent fees. Teachers can also request class sets of activity books, videos and water cycle posters for their classrooms, and a presentation before the field trip. Scout Island is open for school field trips in the spring or fall. We’ll also take applications for other elementary school grade levels. Just note the grade level on the application. Fifth grade classrooms will be given priority.

2018 Field Trip Grant application:

High Priority Grants

The District is interested in having groups submit grant applications for High Priority Projects. These projects can get funding for up to $4,000. The two options are:

Organize a San Joaquin River Clean Up – The District is looking for a project that will help restore and/or enhance the San Joaquin River. This project can include removing trash and debris from the River, planting along or near the river, and removing invasive plants. The grant may be used to purchase refreshments for volunteers, disposal fees, tools, supplies, publicity and promotional materials.

Low Impact Development – Demonstration Project – The District is looking for a project to develop and install Low Impact Development (LID) demonstrations projects that focus on decreasing the amount of stormwater runoff from individual lots or tract developments by mimicking predevelopment conditions. LID practices could include infiltrating the stormwater on site, installing pervious areas such as pavers and pervious concrete, directly downspouts to landscaped areas and creating rain gardens with low water use and native plants.

2018 Clean Stormwater Grant docs: